Cold Weather and even a little SNOW today in Charlotte, NC

A few cold fronts have moved through Charlotte, North Carolina recently. Temperatures have quickly turned from our wonderful Fall weather in the 60s to much much colder now.

Such a cold front is moving through Charlotte now that it snowed earlier this morning!

That’s right! It is only November 21st and we have had our first snow in Charlotte! They were only small snow flurries before the sun even came up around 5 AM.

This was part of a new cold front moving in and if you were out in the Charlotte area at all today you experienced the bitter cold and strong winds that made it even worse at times.

Just outside the Charlotte area in the mountains and high country areas like Boone, North Carolina snow was falling today. Many of the school systems were closed along with some roads in those areas.

This is all part of a very strong cold front and a storm system that are moving into our region. As the front passed through the Charlotte area around 5 AM it brought a brief period of light snow. Most of the snow fell in North Mecklenburg County. Snow showers developed in the region, and the National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory for Iredell, Davie and Rowan counties. That advisory was canceled about 6:45 AM, because the snow had moved to the east.

But, if you live in Charlotte and love snow then don’t get your hopes up because there is supposed to be no more snow in the next day or two. It is actually going to be 17 degrees tonight! But no snow in the forecast.

Just the opposite though in some areas around Charlotte, NC. Schools are closed today in Ashe, Avery, Mitchell, Watauga and Yancey counties. Even Appalachian State has canceled all classes before 10 a.m. today. It snowed for several hours in Boone, with over an inch on the ground!

This snow is great timing because this is the same weekend that several of North Carolina’s ski resorts are scheduled to open. Of course these resorts have already been making artificial snow, but this natural snow will be so much better for all the snowboarders and skiers.

Temperatures tonight are forecast to drop to near record levels — in the vicinity of the 17 degree reading that was recorded Wednesday morning in Charlotte. The record low for Saturday is 18 degrees.

The forecast is that things will not even begin to warm up until Sunday. If you’re like me you either like it to be warm or you like it to snow. We will see what happens Charlotte.

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