Snow in Charlotte North Carolina?

The meteorologists have been saying all day today that it is supposed to snow here in Charlotte TONIGHT! The whole city is alive with excitement and anticipation. Grocery stores are running out of milk and bread! But, even if it snows things do not really change for my wife and I. We both work all day tomorrow no matter what.

Everyone likes snow. Well, it seems like almost everyone really likes the snow. I do not think I have ever met a child who does not like snow. Just think about when you were a child… didn’t you love snow? Even if you loved snow for no other reason than so you could get out of school for the day!

I can vividly remember one such moment when I was in 6th grade. It was a cold winter here in Charlotte and on Saturday night my dad took me to a Charlotte Hornets game. That’s right, it was the Hornets not Bobcats back then. I remember we ran over a traffic cone by accident in the Jeep Cherokee and it carried two of the cones all the way back to our house. Now we had two cones.

It snowed that week like it hasn’t snowed since here in Charlotte! There was a huge hill in our Easthaven neighborhood in East Charlotte. The whole hill which was a street iced over in the snow storm. It was very thick. All of us kids sledded on that hill all week long. And to guarantee that no one would drive on that hill and mess up our ice (not that the could anyway since it was such bad ice, but just so they wouldn’t even try…) my dad put those two cones at the entrance to that hill to block it! So we were out of school for a whole week and enjoyed a great week of sledding on that hill.

Maybe that will happen again this week?

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